Lost and Found

BRHLL maintains a lost and found for misplaced gloves, bats, jackets, etc. If you are missing something, please check the large rubbermaid container found outside of the concession stand. Due to our limited space, we will hold on to lost items for only a few weeks at a time. After this time, we either recycle the items for the equipment exchange or will donate the items to other leagues in the Indianapolis area.

If you have any questions about the Equipment Exchange or the lost and found, please contact Christy Whaley via email at cwhaley5@ymail.com or ask a board member to point you to the collection of gear.

The following are pictures of the lost and found equipment as of 4/29/2016:

2017 Calendar

Wednesday, January 15 - Registration (Closed)

Saturday, January 21 - Evaluations

Friday, February 24 - BINGO NITE!

Saturday, March 4 - Coaches Meeting: "BRHLL 101" (9-11am at SJoA)

Monday, April 17 - Games Begin

Saturday, April 22 - Opening Day Celebration / Photo Day

Saturday, June 17 - Closing Day Celebration / Rivi Party