Where is Broad Ripple Haverford Little League located?
BRHLL is officially located at 1300 E 54th Street in Indianapolis, Indiana, behind IPS School 55, at the corner of Haverford and 54th (see a map). We also play games at our Fairgrounds fields located at 46th and Crestview, as well as Opti Park located at 66th and College Avenue.  See the Contact Us / Field Locations page for more specific addresses, our P.O. Box, and league board contact information.

Our child is interested in playing baseball at BRHLL. Where do we start?
Welcome! As a parent, you will find BRHLL to be a warm, friendly place that you and your child will cherish for a lifetime. BRHLL provides a balanced atmosphere of being competitive yet nurturing, giving children of all abilities a wonderful experience. 

Start by checking the Divisions descriptions to roughly determine which Division is appropriate for your child based on your child's age and experience. You may register using that division. Note that the BRHLL Player Agent will make the final determination of division in consultation with the managers and parents.

Register as soon as possible, as the league is very popular and may reach capacity if you wait too long. See the home page as it will have the live link if registration is still open. Registration must be completed here on the website. It typically opens in December and closes in mid-to-late January just before evaluations. If your child is in the Tee-Ball (Rookies) Division, it is possible to request that he/she play on the same team as a friend - do so by adding a request in the comment box. Please note that not all requests can be accomodated, but we will do our best. "Friend" requests are not possible in other divisions because the children are drafted based on their evaluations, and this helps to balance the teams so that one team isn't abnormally stronger or weaker than the other teams. Don't worry about friendships ... your child will make many new friends throughout the season, and parents tend to be more concerned about not knowing most of the teammates than a child ever is. As one child said so well at the end of a season, "It was great - I made 12 new friends this year!"

Evaluations will be held in late January or early February - see the home page for this year's dates. Evaluations are mandatory for all players other than those in Rookies, and possibly returning Minors Baseball (again, see the information on the home page). Evaluations allow us to create parity among teams, and help ensure that players are participating at an appropriate level that will enhance their enjoyment and safety. Information about evaluations, including times and dates, will be available on on the website. 

Following evaluations, the teams are created. For Rookies, the teams are created by the league. For Minors, AAA and above, the Managers draft the players. For this reason, "friend requests" are limited to Rookies.

After the teams have been created, your team's Manager will contact you. It would be very unusual, but if you haven't heard from a Manager by March 15th, please contact the Player Agent. Please note that Rookies teams are created 2-3 weeks after the other teams, so if you have children in multiple divisions, you will receive your Rookies team assignment later than the other team assignments.

Why does the registration form require me to volunteer? 
BRHLL is a community effort, not a business, so it is completely volunteer driven. Without the help of the parents and guardians, there would be no fields, no coaches, and no teams. We need your help.

The good news is that volunteering is surprisingly fun at BRHLL, and it's a great way to get to know other parents! The volunteer positions found on the registration form don't take much time, and you would probably be at the field for your child's game or practice in any case.

What is the difference between a Manager and a Coach?
The Manager is the "head coach," and the other Coaches assist the Manager. Managers are selected by the President and approved by the Board of Directors based on their experience, history of BRHLL volunteerism, and the availability of positions. The Manager then appoints the Coaches for his/her team. If you wish to be a Manager or Coach, start by volunteering on the registration form. The board will review the list of those wishing to be Managers and make the selections for each team. Those Managers will then be given a list of those who volunteered to be Managers or Coaches to help them identify volunteers, although they are not restricted to that list nor obligated to that list.

I'm disappointed that my child wasn't selected by a certain Manager. What happened?
If your child wasn't selected by a Manager, it doesn't mean that Manager didn't like your child - it probably means that another Manager with an earlier draft pick chose him/her first! 

I'm disappointed that my child wasn't drafted for the next higher Division. What happened?
As noted above, the league tries to match a child with the appropriate Division that will enhance his/her enjoyment and safety, balanced with the need to create appropriate team and Division sizes. If you have a question about the evaluation or draft process, please contact the Player Agent. Please don't ask the Managers to discuss the evaluations or drafts, as they are required to keep those confidential to protect the feelings of the children.

Who can I ask if I have questions?
BRHLL is overseen by the Board of Directors that includes officers, department managers and at-large members. Generally speaking, the President, the Player Agent, the VP of Baseball, and the VP of Softball can collectively answer just about any question you may have. You can find their contact information on the "Contact Us" page. You may also direct your game-day questions to the "Officer of the Day" who will be wearing a red or blue BRHLL Board of Directors shirt.

What is the history of Broad Ripple Haverford Little League?
Broad Ripple Little League was dreamed about in 1957 and founded in 1958. It has since grown from 60 players in 1 division to over 600 players in 7 divisions.  Learn more about the history of Broad Ripple Haverford Little League.

ALL STARS: The Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about All Stars.

What is All Stars?

All Stars is a post-season tournament for a select group of players. All Stars is BRHLL's commitment to, and recognition of, excellence in baseball and softball. 

How are players selected for All Stars?

Players are selected to All Star teams based on:

Based solely on the objective opinions of those making the player selections; this includes a player’s physical playing abilities as well as his/her mental attitude with respect to the game.

Refers to the amount of time the player candidate will be able to commit to the All-Star team. Should a player have a conflict (e.g., vacation, camp, or other commitment) and be absent from some or all practices and games, the League may decide to disqualify that player from consideration; however, it will not automatically disqualify him/her from consideration.


- Age: each member of the “Official” All-Star teams is required to provide an original birth certificate with either a raised seal or a stamp that is in color; “Developmental” players may provide copies.

- Participation: each member of the team shall have participated in 60% of the regular season games within their assigned division of play; each team must have played a minimum of 12 games.

- Residence: each member of an “Official” team must provide a minimum of three (3) supporting documents to determine proof of residency of the parent(s) or legal guardian within the League’s geographic boundaries. A list of acceptable documents may be found at http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/tournaments/Residence-Eligibility-Requirements.pdf. Please be prepared, residency documentation MUST be provided quickly after team announcements are made.  

All players will be selected by team managers within their respective divisions of play along with certain members of the League’s Board of Directors: the President, Player Agent, and Vice Presidents of Baseball / Softball.  

Keep in mind that selection is based on League Age, not the regular season division of play, so the judgment of the league leadership across divisions is essential. For example: While most 10 year olds are drafted to play in AAA, some play in Majors. However, not every 10 year old that plays in Majors is necessarily better than every 10 year old that plays in AAA. As a result, the evaluation across the divisions, coupled with the various available teams (a 10 year old can play on a 10's-only team, a 9-10's team, or a 10-11's team), plus the need to ensure that each team has enough pitchers, catchers, etc. with the necessarily availability, makes for a complex decision-making process. 

Please know that the league leadership does its very best to create the teams in the fairest way based on the criteria above.

When is All Stars?

All Stars lasts for several weeks, even months at the older levels.

- All Stars teams will be announced on or after June 15th.

- All-Star practices will begin the day after the regular season ends and run 6-7 days per week every week. These are critical practices and should be attended by all team members.

- Official teams likely will play in one "pre-tournament" in preparation for District 8 tournament play. That tournament will typically take place in the third or fourth week of June. Developmental teams will play 1-3 tournaments in the late June - mid-July period (this will vary based on the number of players available, schedule conflicts, etc.).

- The tournament competition for all Little League District 8 levels of All-Star play typically commences the first week of July and will continue until the team is thereby eliminated. Should any team advance out of the District 8 tournament, this time will be extended accordingly. For official teams up through age 11, this could extend as late as early August. For 12 year olds, it could theoretically go through August if the team makes it to the Little League World Series.

How many All Stars teams will there be at BRHLL?

It varies from year to year. Generally there are one or two teams per age level, depending on interest and availability.

Note regarding 8's and 9's (not including 9's playing on an official 9-10's team):

The 8- and 9- year-old levels are not an officially recognized All Star level in Little League. However, BRHLL will likely field one or two teams for baseball and softball in these levels as a developmental tool. The cost and commitment requirements are generally the same, although the post-season play will be limited to two tournaments, both approximately four days in length. At this time, we are limiting the team to league ages 8+.

Note regarding 9-10's teams in baseball:

Most teams that advance in the 9-10's All Star tournament tend to be those teams consisting of primarily 10 year olds. However, to assist in the development of younger players and provide an All Star opportunity for more players, BRHLL, like many little leagues, will field more than just team in the 9-10 baseball tournament. The teams will be created in the following order this year:

- One or two teams of 10's-only players ("BRHLL Blue") - official All Stars
- One or more teams of 9's-only players ("BRHLL 9's") - developmental, not official
- Possibly one additional team of mixed 9's-10's in addition to the above ("BRHLL Red") - official All Stars

What is the expectation?

As we continue to grow and develop the level of play of our League, it is clear that a commitment to excellence is necessary. Therefore, we need such a commitment from all players and parents who are potential All-Stars. While being selected to the All-Star team is an honor and privilege for the player, it is also a significant commitment on behalf of the managers, coaches, and parents. From the end of the regular season to the final out of the last tournament game, players are asked to avoid conflicts with All-Star activities from vacations, camps, etc., as much as possible. All-Star players and their parents should also understand that some rules will differ in All-Star tournament play than what apply during the regular season, in particular, minimum play requirements (as little as 1 at-bat). As such, it is important to remember that the amount of playing time provided to the player during tournament games may be directly affected by the amount of time the player might have been absent from scheduled team activities, in addition to the judgment of the manager, and the game situation.  

What is the cost?

Players selected to the All Star teams will be asked to contribute up to $115 to help cover the costs of uniforms, tournament entry fees, etc. This is a very reasonable price to pay for the additional games, instruction, and development your child will receive. Financial assistance may be requested via the President. Developmental teams may elect to pay for additional tournaments, increasing the cost to some degree, but that would be discussed first.

How are managers and coaches selected for All Stars?

BRHLL's policy is to appoint managers and assistant coaches that, in the opinion of the league leadership, will best represent BRHLL, without regard for the current season record.

What if I have additional questions?

Please direct them to playeragent@brhll.com.

2017 Calendar

Wednesday, January 15 - Registration (Closed)

Saturday, January 21 - Evaluations

Friday, February 24 - BINGO NITE!

Saturday, March 4 - Coaches Meeting: "BRHLL 101" (9-11am at SJoA)

Monday, April 17 - Games Begin

Saturday, April 22 - Opening Day Celebration / Photo Day

Saturday, June 17 - Closing Day Celebration / Rivi Party