Player Equipment Exchange

BRHLL will host a number of opportunities to exchange gently used player equipment throughout the 2017 season. See below should you wish to participate:

  • Do you have gear to donate?  It’s easy!  Simply package your gently used gear in a clearly marked bag (BRHLL EXCHANGE) and drop off at Evaluations, Bingo Nite or an open concession stand once the season begins.  You can also contact Christy Whaley at should you need to arrange drop off.  All baseball and softball-related items must be clean and in good condition – no tears, breaks, cracks, dents or significant staining.
  • Needing to update your player’s gear? Look for an exchange area to “shop” for new-to-you items at BRHLL events and ball games.

Acceptable items to donate and purchase for $1:

  • pants
  • socks
  • belts
  • cleats
  • batting gloves
  • bat bags
  • sliders
  • chest protector

Acceptable items to donate and purchase for $5:

  • mitts/gloves
  • helmets
  • catcher’s gear

2017 Calendar

Wednesday, January 15 - Registration (Closed)

Saturday, January 21 - Evaluations

Friday, February 24 - BINGO NITE!

Saturday, March 4 - Coaches Meeting: "BRHLL 101" (9-11am at SJoA)

Monday, April 17 - Games Begin

Saturday, April 22 - Opening Day Celebration / Photo Day

Saturday, June 17 - Closing Day Celebration / Rivi Party