Privacy Policy

Broad Ripple Haverford Little League (BRHLL) does not sell email addresses or any of the registration information or visitor information collected on this website.

All on-line commerce services have been outsourced and contracted with BRHLL does not collect or maintain credit card info of any kind and are solely responsible for all on-line commercial financial transactions and related activity.

2017 Calendar

Wednesday, January 15 - Registration (Closed)

Saturday, January 21 - Evaluations

Friday, February 24 - BINGO NITE!

Saturday, March 4 - Coaches Meeting: "BRHLL 101" (9-11am at SJoA)

Monday, April 17 - Games Begin

Saturday, April 22 - Opening Day Celebration / Photo Day

Saturday, June 17 - Closing Day Celebration / Rivi Party