2017 Evaluations

BRHLL will hold player evaluations the weekend of Jan 21-22 in the gymnasium at St. Joan of Arc School (located behind the church at 42nd Street and Central Ave). Players should bring their baseball glove and wear appropriate gym shoes (no cleats). Bats/helmets will be available, but you may bring your own. Click here to print evaluation details or see below for more information. 

Primary Evaluation Session on SATURDAY, JANUARY 21

Baseball Division Age (Time, Gym Side)

  • Majors 11-12 (8:00-12:00, South)
  • AAA 9-10 (8:00-12:00, North)
  • Minors 7-8 (12:30-3:30, South)
  • Intermediate 11-13 (4:00-5:30, South)

Softball Division Age (Time, Gym Side)

  • Majors 11-12 (12:30-2:30, North)
  • AAA 9-10 (2:30-4:30, North)
  • Minors 7-8 (4:30-5:30, North)

Alternate/Make-Up Session on SUNDAY, JANUARY 22

Baseball Division Age (Time, Gym Side)

  • Intermediate 11-13 (11:00-11:45, South) 
  • Majors 11-12 (12:00-2:00, South)
  • AAA 9-10 (2:00-4:00, South)
  • Minors 7-8 (4:00-5:30, South)

Softball Division Age (Time, Gym Side)

  • Majors 11-12 (12:00-2:00, North)
  • AAA 9-10 (2:00-3:30, North)
  • Minors 7-8 (3:30-5:30, North)

***To minimize evaluation wait times, last names A-L are encouraged to show up at the start of your time slot, and M-Z are encouraged to show up halfway through the session. 

• ALL players EXCEPT those registered for Rookies and players returning to Minors Baseball MUST be evaluated. (Returning Minors Girls (Softball) are required to be evaluated each year.)

• Players registered for Rookies will be contacted by their Manager after they are placed on a team sometime in late February/early March. The Rookies Division is open to boys and girls age 5-6 by August 31, 2017.

• To have your child considered for the division above their Standard Division based upon their league age (as defined above), contact Bryon Konvolinka, Player Agent, at playeragent@brhll.com prior to evaluations.

• If your child cannot attend their primary evaluation timeslot on SATURDAY, he/she MUST be present for the make-up/alternate evaluation timeslot on SUNDAY.


Rookies (5-6), Minors (7-8), AAA (9-10), Majors (11-12), Intermediate (11-13), Juniors (13-14), Seniors (15-16)

1) 2017 Softball League Age is determined as of Dec 31, 2016 for all birthdates.

2) 2017 Baseball League Age is determined as of Apr 30, 2017 for players born prior to Jan 1, 2006.

3) 2017 Baseball League Age is determined as of Aug 31, 2017 for Baseball/Rookies players born on or after Jan 1, 2006.

4) INTERMEDIATE BASEBALL DIVISION is open this year to League Age 11-13** year-olds. This division will be played on a slightly larger (50-70) field & allows lead-offs and steals; certain big-barrel bats are also allowed.  **11-12 year olds have the option to play in the Intermediate Division in lieu of Majors.  Contact playeragent@brhll.com if your 11-12 has interest in playing in Intermediate.

5) Rookies through Intermediate Division games will be played from April through early June.

6) Juniors-Seniors Baseball Divisions play on full-size field.  Games are played in late-May through June.


Questions?  Please contact BRHLL Player Agent, Bryon Konvolinka, at playeragent@brhll.com

2017 Calendar

Wednesday, January 15 - Registration (Closed)

Saturday, January 21 - Evaluations

Friday, February 24 - BINGO NITE!

Saturday, March 4 - Coaches Meeting: "BRHLL 101" (9-11am at SJoA)

Monday, April 17 - Games Begin

Saturday, April 22 - Opening Day Celebration / Photo Day

Saturday, June 17 - Closing Day Celebration / Rivi Party